Abstract Concrete wins first place in Restoration Contest


I am pleased to announce that Abstract Concrete took first place for Interior in the 2008 Concrete Decor Magazine Restoration Contest.  The project was located at the Detroit Water Building in downtown Detroit.  You can read more about the project by clicking on the project profile located on our homepage. The article can be found... more


Don't miss this informative article located in our blog discussing pH and vapor transmission as it relates to floor covering failures over concrete.  This very real and costly problem can be prevented.   Don't have a floor installed before knowing all the facts!  Read it here...

Abstract Concrete featured at World of Concrete

Abstract Concrete was selected to demonstrate cutting edge decorative concrete techniques at the World of Concrete Artistry in Concrete event in Las Vegas.  Our creative designs and innovative techniques as a leading installation company was recognized by, and led to our selection by Concrete Construction Magazine, the event sponser. To read the article visit Concrete Construction Magazine

Exterior Hardscapes


stamped concrete overlayHomeowners and businesses spend thousands of dollars on landscaping each year yet simply "accept" that their exterior concrete is plain, gray, or even old, stained, and deteriorated.  With exterior Decorative Architectural Concrete Overlays, we can provide solutions that will transform your existing concrete into beautiful finishes that are not only aesthetically appealing, but actually stronger and more resistant to salt, staining, freeze/thaw and even traffic and wear.  

                                                                           Stamped Overlay, front walk 

Ideal For:

Driveways Pool Decks Sidewalks
Porticoes Entry Ways Court Yards
Theme Parks Sports Arenas Auto Dealerships
Schools Patios  


       Stamped Overlay - Front Stoop

Stamped Overlay - Front Stoop         

       Troweled Overlay, Pool Deck

          Troweled Overlay, Front Stoop
Troweled Overlay

         Troweled Overlay, Front Stoop

          Stained Concrete, Pool Deck